Your Homeschool Mindset

I know you are investing time and money into your children’s education. Not to mention the investment of your energy and guidance! You adjust to best fit the needs of each child all while running your home. Did you know your homeschool mindset also matters?

It feels SO GOOD when the little light bulbs turn on for each child and on the other end, it can be frustrating when you don’t see progress… 

You may feel like you are not enough, or question your curriculum choices and even if soccer was the right sport. 

Your mindset is the game changer.

letter blocks showing Train and Brain, because to work on your homeschool mindset, you must train your brain.

All the thoughts you have rattling around in your head about ALL THE THINGS are completely natural. However, you can choose the thoughts you stay with. 

You can be intentional in your thinking. 

It’s not as hard as you think…

The brain is a muscle

Many times our brains are offering us thoughts based on the outcomes we see in others. The fact THEIR kids have already memorized their multiplication tables (or the Periodic Table!) 

When you check in with yourself, your intuition – your mommy gut you will find heart-aligned thoughts to choose from. 

Looking inward for pure thoughts takes the pressure off. You only have to be YOU… not perfect and you do not need to replicate someone else’s homeschool. 

These heart-aligned thoughts FEEL GOOD. You can say YES to them with your whole body, mind, and spirit. Yes to allowing the thought to stay and inspire you, guide you and help you make decisions. Yes to take up space in your mind! 

A wholehearted yes! 

Because your brain is a muscle, you can train by selecting these heart-aligned thoughts more often.

How to exercise your brain


Journaling is a wonderful way to look deeper at the thoughts you have racing through your head like a bullet train. It opens the door to self-reflection and a deeper understanding of thoughts worthy of remaining, and those to just let fly on by. 

You can journal to improve your homeschool mindset anytime – first thing in the morning while the house is still quiet, while the kids work independently or nap, and even (My favorite time) at the end of the day – just before bed. 

Find a path to some whole-hearted YESSES with these

Homeschool Mindset Journal Prompts

  • What does a successful and thriving homeschool look like for YOU?
  • Have you found the right path to create this successful homeschool?  Why or why not? 
  • Have you decided and given yourself permission to run your school your way, without pressure to replicate what someone else is doing?
  • What action can you take today to create a whole-hearted yes for your vision of homeschool success?
Journal prompts for your homeschool mindset


Affirmations are a powerful mindset tool. They help you choose positive thoughts to replace your negative thinking patterns. They are a powerful confidence-building tool. I recommend saying these (or similar) affirmations daily, even 3 – 5 times throughout the day as inspired. The key to affirmation work is to BELIEVE what you are saying, not to repeat the words robotically. 

Give these Homeschool Inspired Affirmations a try: 

  • I agree to run my idea of a successful homeschool
  • I give myself permission to have whole hearted yeses
  • I’m choosing to lean into my own truth
  • Re-evaluating makes me stronger, more confident, empowered, and crystal clear about my decisions, passions, and purpose

My thoughts and positive attentions are with you as you run YOUR successful school this month. 
If you would like a more personalized path to mindset shifting, BEE sure to book a discovery call. They are free and can help you know if homeschool mindset coaching is right for you!

To explore the power of mindset and student success, head over to Mama Teaches. She dives into the importance of mindset for students in elementary, middle school, and high school.

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