Homeschool Coaching

Not all days will be good days
In fact, I can’t even promise MOST will be good days.
Homeschooling does not guarantee utopia.

It does not instantly gift us with kids who love school, do their chores, and never talk back.
Homeschooling is not instant organization, the cure for special needs, nor does it magically grant you “extra time” – we all still have the same 24 hours as before!

Sometimes when things go wrong it is so tempting to throw in the towel. It must mean you are doing it wrong. You are not cut out for homeschooling, or my favorite – it’s a sign from God to put the kids in school.

Before giving up on homeschooling, consider working with Homeschool mom and child education expert Christy Gandara We’ll take a deep dive into your homeschool and get you back on track in no time!

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