Welcome to our library of free printables for homeschooling and classroom teachers.  As both a former teacher and a homeschool mom, I know what it takes to prep, plan and create quality resources to keep kids learning and having fun…because actually, when they are having fun – that’s when they are learning! 

The real secret to learning and engagement is when YOU the parent or teacher are taking part and right in the THICK of it with the kids. When you are learning, participating, and doing “all the things” right alongside them.

I know, I hear you:  There is prepping, planning, and creating of your own to do – not to mention laundry, dinner, and baseball practice. (Sorry I’m no help there!)

Use these free printables from Happy Hive Homeschooling as a way to give yourself some extra time. All the prep, planning, and creating have been done for you. You just print what you need, set aside the time in your day, and participate with your kids. Let the learning engulf you too!

You’ll feel refreshed and energized after taking the time to celebrate the holiday of your choice. Pick a day – any day, and set aside some time to play.

Come back again, because more free printables are added regularly along with quality learning resources you can trust.

At Happy Hive Homeschooling – We take pride in creating resources your kids will be BUZZING 🐝 about!

May your educational journey be blessed!

Christy – Mrs. Crabtree

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