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Are you having second thoughts about homeschooling (or third, or even rethinking it for the hundredth time!)? Homeschool doubts have a way of creeping in from time to time. I recently had a lesson in “how we homeschool” really sink in. It was a Karate lesson of all things. Who knew Karate would help me homeschool!

Homeschooling is a BIG decision.

I don’t have to say that twice! In fact, all the choices about your child’s education can be scary: homeschool, public school, private school, charter school… sports, music, art. 

The issue we all face is fear. Even as a classroom teacher, I did not want to fail my students. I wanted to provide them with the BEST education possible. Having second thoughts every day, week, month, or year is natural. It’s how we respond to those thoughts that matter. 

It’s not okay to lose to fear

I was recently watching an episode of Cobra Kai, it’s the modern day Karate Kid. Same actors and everything. It’s not, shall I say: Golden Globe award-winning drama, but I honestly enjoy it. I feel it has quite a few gems of wisdom if you listen. I love that it helped me with homeschool doubts.

The latest gem of wisdom was when Daniel was mentoring his daughter. Events had led to her having quite a bit of fear surrounding Karate. Daniel has the reputation around town of being the “Champion” for defeating Johnny back in the 1980s. His daughter, however, doesn’t know the whole truth.

 A flashback scene from the 1098’s movie comes on and the viewer is shown the wise sensei Mr. Miyagi. Daniel is on the mat, hurt and very afraid. He wants to give up. In fact he tells his sensei: “I’m afraid, I’m done”. 

Mr. Miyagi tells young Daniel in his Japanese accent and broken English: “It is ok to lose to opponent. It is not ok to lose to fear.”

This is true for us as homeschoolers….and even as classroom teachers! 

When we have doubts about the success of what we are doing for the second, third or hundredth time, we are allowing fear (ACTUALLY COMPARISON!) to let us “lose”. 

Everyone learns differently

Comparison leads to homeschool doubts. It doesn’t matter who learns to read first, or what level of math the neighbor kid is in. It doesn’t matter which teacher’s students have “the test scores”. The only thing that matters are our relationships with our learners! Kids must come first. Mr. Miyagi gave Daniel permission to lose, but he absolutely did not give Daniel permission to GIVE UP!

So when you are feeling overwhelmed by being Mom AND teacher…. I give you permission to LOSE! Go ahead and throw in the towel! But ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GIVE UP!

Relationships (not academics) matter

Facebook allows me to keep my RELATIONSHIPS alive with my former students. I watch them thrive in their chosen career paths, from Mother and Fatherhood to Military, Real Estate, hairdressers (they probably have a fancy name!) and even a few following in my footsteps have become teachers! I am proud beyond belief of each and every one of my students as if they were my children.

It pains me to see them struggling now as teachers with online learning and “connecting” with their learners – knowing if they are making a difference. Recently one of my precious students shared a story on her Facebook page about HER class. For a surprise for her birthday they ALL made signs and ALL turned on their cameras! This was NOT AN ACADEMIC SUCCES – but it was a HUMAN success and a testament that RELATIONSHIPS, not academics matter. That beautiful teacher in our technology filled world said she learned that from me! WHAT A TREASURE! (It was the first time she had even seen some of their faces! Imagine that!)

Don’t give up! Before you know it, you will get cameras turned on, or kids making mud pies in the backyard for free choice learning!

It’s Ok to take a break

Everything we do daily as homeschoolers is learning, I have always stood by that gem of truth. My kids are learning DIFFERENT things than their grade level schooled equivalents, but they are LEARNING. And when push comes to shove,  they may not have gotten into the top colleges (BUT HOMESCHOOLERS DO!), they are THRIVING in college (and one as a senior in high school).

When you want to lay down on that mat because your opponent (fear) has kicked and beaten you, remember Mr. Miyagi’s wise words.   “It is ok to lose to opponent. It is not ok to lose to fear.”

To relieve homeschool doubts, take a break from the day-to-day anxiety causing rig-a-ma-role. Whip out some fun spirit-lifting activities and experience the joy of connecting with your children. Don’t be afraid to tell your students about the REAL YOU – like your upcoming birthday!

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 In both my home and my classroom I took pride in shelving the formal curriculum and making relationships and experiences the priority. That’s how we homeschool at the Happy Hive. 

If you would like to reach out to a listening ear – feel free to email me and we will slay that dragon of fear together. I also welcome you to book a discovery call to see if Homeschool Mindset Coaching will benefit you!

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