Surprising Reasons even good homeschool moms lose focus

As a homeschool mom, you are being pulled in countless directions. You are also being bombarded with information (and opinions)! Smartphones, instant messaging, streaming video, and other on-demand conveniences can make life easier, but often more complicated. The homeschool mom can be overstimulated, suffer from mental fatigue, and be prone to multitasking. These are the surprising reasons even good homeschool moms lose focus,

This is part 1 in a 3-part series to help your homeschool mindset.

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There’s a LOT Vying for Your Attention

The kids, the dog, your partner, laundry, dishes, and your homeschool tasks are just a few of the things vying for your attention. Not to mention we can’t get through a day without a series of alerts letting you know you’ve got mail, a voice message, a text, or something else. We live in a time where busyness is a badge of honor and multitasking is considered a top-tier skill. It’s no wonder even good homeschool moms lose focus.

Homeschooling is a commitment. In fact, in order to reclaim your homeschool day, you must put that commitment at the front of the line. It’s easy, however, to lose focus, and embark on a roller coaster of multitasking and burnout. 

3 surprising reasons even good homeschool moms lose focus

I know you are committed to reclaiming your homeschool day. It’s easy to lose focus at any point along the homeschool journey. In fact, some of the reasons you are scattered and unfocused may surprise you. 


Our conscious and subconscious mind is being bombarded with stimulation. Stimuli constantly overloads our senses. Light, sound, temperature, and even scents can overwhelm the senses and make it hard to concentrate. Opinions on the “right” way to homeschool surround you. How many times a day do you hear “Mom, MOm’, MOM…” ? It’s no wonder overstimulation is one of the surprising reasons even good homeschool moms lose focus. 

When all of this overlaps it can send you spiraling toward burnout. As your brain tries to make sense of everything and compensate for the overstimulation, it gets harder and harder to focus. Over time, the urge to multi-task as a solution can be the default for your brain. You think you need to do multiple things at once to get everything done, when in fact the opposite is true. I talk more about the harms of multi-tasking in THIS POST.

Mental Fatigue

Dealing with intense situations can cause mental fatigue and make it harder to focus. This is why mental fatigue is one of the surprising reasons even good homeschool moms lose focus. Being preoccupied with too many things on your to-do list can distract you and prevent you from thinking clearly.

Being overwhelmed or burdened physically or emotionally can leave you feeling scattered and unable to focus on what’s important. Running a home and a school at the same time is mentally challenging. 

3. Multi-Tasking

Having too many loose ends can really add to feeling scattered. When you are scrambling to complete tasks…sometimes more than one at a time, it can make it hard to get anything done completely or on time. Rather than putting things off or trying to juggle multiple activities at once, it’s better to laser-focus your energy and reclaim your homeschool day.

Feeling scattered and overwhelmed can zap your productivity and create loose ends in all areas of your life. Sometimes a clear focus can help you avoid leaving things undone for another day. Finding the tips and tricks that work best for your unique homeschooling needs can make all the difference.

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Be sure to check out Part 2: How Multitasking is Hurting Your Homeschool and Part 3 Tried-and-True Tips to Reclaim your Homeschool Day!

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