Tried and true tips to Reclaim your homeschool day!

Running a homeschool is a full-time job, you’re just doing it in your own home. All the things have you pulled in countless directions. These demands may have you multitasking the day away. But multitasking is hurting, not helping your homeschool. Let’s get you set up with tried and true tips to reclaim your homeschool day. 

This is part 3 in a 3-part series designed to help your homeschool mindset shift

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Decide what tasks are vital

In order to reclaim your homeschool day, you must make school a top priority. Are you putting things before school? I don’t mean getting up and emptying the dishwasher before the kids get up. I mean, is school time of greater importance than your other daily tasks? Do you begin school at ‌the same time each day, or just when you are all “ready” to start? 

Establishing a schedule and regular routine for school days can increase focus in you and your children. Set aside time for housework before or after your school day. 

Ditch Distraction

Disable Alerts 

It may seem important to keep up with the latest YouTube video posted by your favorite homeschool influencer. You may be waiting on pins and needles for your comment to be seen and liked on Facebook, but unless social media is part of how you homeschool, it could distract you needlessly. Turning off notifications helps you save social media for when you have proper downtime. It’s the same for email notifications, text alerts, and so forth. Set specific tones on your smartphone for the most important contacts, so you don’t miss important messages, and let the others wait until school is over for the day. 

Enforce a Do Not Disturb Model 

Another way you may lose school time is through outside interruptions. Reclaim your homeschool day by establishing some ground rules or boundaries with friends and family. Interruptions, however innocent, can cause you to lose your focus.  Even a few minutes answering the phone or door is taking time away from your school day. 

After a distraction, it takes a while to regain focus. You are not a “stay-at-home mom”, you are the school administrator. Don’t allow  others to steal time from your children by calling, popping over for a visit, or expecting favors from you. Be clear with family and friends that school time is a Do Not Disturb Time. Reassure them you’ll have plenty of time for them in the evening or on the weekends. 

Listen to your body

Everyone has a natural rhythm. The circadian rhythm triggers the sleep/wake cycle and helps to alert our body when it’s time to sleep and time to wake up. Your rhythm may include rising with the sun or staying up past midnight. Either way, tuning into your natural tendency can help you feel more focused.

Planning your homeschool day around your natural rhythm (and that of your children) can reduce stress and help you reclaim your homeschool day. Instead of feeling tired, grumpy, and “foggy”, when you and your children follow natural rhythms, you learn more! 

Tried and True tips to reclaim your homeschool day

Get Ready for the Next Day Before you end your school day

 You may think you’ll remember everything you need for the amazing lessons you planned, but that’s multi-tasking! Before you finish your day, lay out everything you’ll need for the following school day. On Friday, prep for Monday so you can enjoy the weekend. This way, in the morning you can focus on your household to-do list until school starts, then when school starts – you are 100% ready to roll! 

Get Good at Making Lists

 If you don’t already understand the benefit of making lists, it’s time to join the list-making club. (You can use voice notes if you don’t like making lists!) Making master lists for household tasks and school tasks. From the master list, make daily lists. When something isn’t finished, simply add it to another day that makes sense. Remember not to overload your day with either household or school tasks. 

 Create Routines that Fit Your Needs

 When too many things are left undone, it can make you feel scattered and disconnected. You may even be tempted to put your homeschool on the back burner until you get caught up. Creating routines that fit your unique needs can make a big difference. 

Meal prepping can help laser focus your energy once for easy meals all week long. Having a cleaning schedule can help you feel less overwhelmed by laundry or dirty dishes. Lesson planning monthly can help you keep on top of your homeschool needs. Rather than trying to put out the metaphorical fires in your life on a day-to-day basis, routines help prevent them.

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When you are aware of the surprising reasons even good homeschool moms lose focus, you can change and positively affect your homeschool. You will notice big shifts when you identify multi-tasking as an ineffective skill and instead focus on one thing at a time. When put together, you will reclaim your homeschool day and focus on what matters most: connecting with your children.

Be sure to check out Part 1: Surprising Reasons even good homeschool moms lose focus and Part 2 How Multitasking is Hurting your Homeschool

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