Solar System Mobile


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Almost as popular as Dinosaurs…studying the Solar System was always a favorite in our house. If you are looking for a fun display to begin or end your Solar System unit, we have an easy  Solar System Mobile for you!

Homeschool Holiday products are designed to coordinate with fun holidays throughout the year.

This Solar System Mobile craft is designed to accompany World Space Week, The first full week in October each year.

It is also the perfect complement to our Fascinating Facts about the Solar System Slide presentation and Companion Worksheet activity pack.


The Solar System Mobil creates a dynamic display when it is finished. The pdf file includes both a full color as well as the color your own option.  Have your kids cut two of each planet and glue them back to back with yarn, twine, or ribbon running through the middle. This way when the mobile spins you see a cohesive planet all the way around!


There is also an 8.5 x 11 Solar System mini-poster for reference.