Mad Hatter Riddles


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Riddles force you to think in ways the ordinary joke simply doesn’t. One of the most famous characters to present riddles is the Hatter in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. That character has developed into the “Mad Hatter” because he is assumed to be crazy (hence the title, “mad”).  October 6th is celebrated as Mad Hatter day because of the tag in the Hatter’s hat that reads 10/6 ( the date -October 6- written numerically)

clipart image of the Mad Hatter illustrating the 10/6 in his hat

Using Mad Hatter Riddles to celebrate this adventurous day is fun for everyone.


In this FREE download, you get a FULL COLOR printable with 12 different DOUBLE-SIDED riddles to print. One Side is the Riddle, and the other side contains the answer.

It’s fun to leave the Mad Hatter Riddles in various locations around town on Mad Hatter Day where unsuspecting members of your community will find them, pick them up, and enjoy the giggle!