Patriot Day, September 11 Interview Questions



Experience History thought the memories of someone who remembers the events. We promised to NEVER FORGET the events of September 11, 2001. In that spirit and to encourage the Teachable Moment I have a set of September 11 Interview questions you can use with your children. They can pick someone who remembers the events of September 11th and conduct an interview. Make it extra meaningful and have them interview 3-5 different adults, perhaps from different parts of the country.

New York City was wide awake, while those of us in California were just getting our day started. This variety changes how we “found out” and perhaps even if anyone we knew was impacted by these acts of terrorism.


This free resource is meant to open discussion between you and your children. I also encourage you to use Children’s Literature, Documentaries, and any other age-appropriate curriculum.


As always I hope Homeschool Holiday Resources are a blessing to those you educate.