Four Seasons Tree Craft


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Celebrate the Spring and Winter Solstice or the Summer and Autumn Equinox with this Four Seasons Tree Craft From Homeschool Holiday.  When printed on cardstock and assembled as instructed the tree will stand on its own for a unique seasonal decoration. But you can use this four seasons tree craft template to create a bulletin board, 4 individual trees, or another creative 4 seasons tree craft.

The Equinoxes occur in March and September, while the Solstices occur in June and December. The SEASON will depend on if you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. This craft works worldwide as it allows you to provide the specifics as far as dates go! Simply work on the Season you are CELEBRATING!


in the four seasons tree craft template pdf 

  •  Full-color printable templates to create a four seasons tree craft
  • Ink saver, color your own files 
  • 2 pages of  step by step instructions with color pictures and pictures of the finished tree (these are on page 3) 


This art project is NOT for preschool or Primary Grades. There is detailed cutting involved. If you would like to use this craft with young children I recommend having them color and having an adult do the small cutting. 


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– Christy,  AKA Mrs. Crabtree, and the Homeschool Holiday Team