Lapbooking Templates



Giving your kids the choice of how to organize and present their work is easy with lapbooking templates

Lapbook  templates are basically “mini-books” you print and cut out so learners can create a fact-filled project that is self-contained. Some people refer to these as interactive notebook templates. They are the same thing. 

The homeschool community tends to use the term lapbooking while classroom teachers lean toward interactive notebooks. Teachers have their students cut out the templates for lapbooks and organize them into spiral notebooks. Homeschoolers fold and staple file folders together to form the portfolios that fit on your lap – lapbooks! Both create unique end products filled with student work! 

This set of Lapbooking Templates from Homeschool Holiday contains over 35 unique mini books– you can use for ANY SUBJECT.

One thing I have discovered over the years is there really is no right or wrong way of lapbooking. Make These templates for lapbooking your own! Some appear twice (but I did not include that in my count of lapbooking templates) because I sized them ad large and small.

Many of the lapbooking templates also include the *inserts* you need to have learners put the information on! They can write on the flaps as well.

General Instructions:

Print on colored paper or cardstock. Cut on solid lines and fold on dotted lines. If you prefer you can use these templates as patterns and print them out, trace them onto desired paper, and then cut.

Free Lapbook Templates:

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