Design a Postage Stamp Template



Commemorative stamps are some of the best selling stamps the USPS has to offer. Now you can design your own postage stamps for any subject with our Design a Postage Stamp Template.

Our products are designed to coordinate with fun holidays throughout the year. This Freebie is designed to accompany

National U.S. Postage Stamp Day – July 1st – but you can design your own postage stamps anytime! 

In this resource you will receive:

Fact sheet: Important dates in USPS history

Design your own stamps – a set of three. The set of 3 includes general instructions to make 3 themed stamps.

Other ideas for assigning this activity include:

Design all about me stamps

Watch the HISTORY OF STAMPS VIDEO (this is a Homeschool Holiday Video)

and then design a set of stamps as a summary.

Design a set for each member of your family or for your pets.

I hope using Homeschool Holiday products brings Celebration into your life!

– Mrs. Crabtree