I’m sure you already have BIG PLANS for your homeschool, and likely spend a chunk of change on curriculum. Never fear, It’s easy to add the Holiday of the Day into what you are already doing.

The first step is to find your holidays. Our handy calendar: What’s Today’s Holiday has holidays for every day, as well as simple ideas for celebrating them.

Then, choose 1 or 2 holidays a week as you see fit. As you find your hive buzzing with interest, add more! Celebrate together on a quiet evening or over the weekend. I recommend completing the holiday of the day activities as close to the actual day as possible, but there are no real rules… just celebrate and learn!

You can learn more about holidays with some of our favorite BLOG POSTS. Each post contains history, resources, and still more ideas for using them in your homeschool.

The Holiday of the Day can be one of your daily “Subjects” or it can be your entire curriculum depending on the age (s) of your children. Complete all the suggested activities to fill most of your day, or pick just one to highlight.

Use the Holiday of the Day as morning work, or “What to do When I’m Done” activities. Depending on your standards, you can also easily incorporate the holiday of the day into many language arts, history, and science curriculum standards. While specific standards are not addressed, each activity is made to be academically rigorous and engaging.

Mrs. Crabtree’s picks for a 1 holiday a month plan

Using Holiday of the Day curriculum just got easier! With this custom bundle of Mrs. Crabtree’s Favorites, you get 1 holiday per month to use ANYTIME! 

Great for back to school (August or September start) As well as a “New Year” start in January. 

Here are highlights of what you get:

January – Kid Inventors Day

Benjamin Franklin was Born on January 17th. It’s also KID INVENTORS DAY in honor of Franklin who was a kid inventor himself! Help your kids explore 6 different kid inventors showing them the sky is the limit, and age does not determine ability! Videos, as well as informative articles, are included making this an easy, no prep activity. 

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February – Groundhog Day

I will not lie, GROUNDHOG’S DAY, February 2 is my FAVORITE for many reasons. The biggest is that it’s my birthday. Think of that – since every day is a holiday – EVERYONE has a holiday to celebrate with their birthday! Mine is Groundhog’s day. 

Begin GROUNDHOG DAY HISTORY  BEFORE February 2nd by making your own prediction about whether the world’s most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow or not. 

Then confirm your predictions and complete the activities anytime after Groundhog’s Day. 

Updated every year with the most current information, this Activity Pack is ready for your Groundhog’s Day Celebration.

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March – Landline Telephone Day

Ready for a little intrigue? Experts still can’t truly agree on who truly invented the telephone first. It’s a History Mystery. Use the slide presentation, Happy Hive Homeschooling’s exclusive teaching video and the included handouts to explore the controversy surrounding Alexander Graham Bell for LANDLINE TELEPHONE DAY March  10TH. 

You’ll love displaying the adorable Telephone craft included in this holiday of the day curriculum with or without attaching a summary of what your kids learn about this important event. 

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April – National Superhero Day

As a classroom teacher, my “theme” was superheroes. There are heroes for everyone, and celebrating NATIONAL SUPER HERO DAY on April 28th is Mrs. Crabtree’s favorite holiday for April. 

There truly is something for every hero in your home in this activity pack. A few highlights include: 

A superhero search (word search of superheroes), a superhero themed scavenger hunt (can you find items the same colors as the infinity stones?), and a video lesson with comic history and fun facts about many beloved characters. 

There are academic elements too, like superhero story writing, an overview of onomatopoeia, and MORE! 

This is a holiday that will have your kids buzzing! 

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May – World Bee Day

This would NOT BEE a collection of Mrs. Crabtree’s favorites if it didn’t include World Bee Day May 20th! 

Spring is the perfect time to spend a little time in nature and our study of BEES, FLOWERS & POLLINATION is a perfect way! Links to a popular kids science show, diagrams and a craft this is a well-rounded nature study. Your older kids can use the informational text passages and draw their own diagrams as an extension activity. 

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June – National Eat an Oreo Cookie Day

National holidays are a big part of Holiday of the Day Curriculum. June has a National holiday to celebrate that inspires fun with food. Anytime we can use food for learning, I’m in. National Eat an Oreo Cookie Day on June 19th does not disappoint.

Starting the day out with some oreo cookie pancakes is the perfect segue into the OREO COOKIE TASTE TEST. This is a fun-filled lesson designed to get the whole family involved.

You’ll need to provide at least 5 different Oreo flavors for this activity.

July – Independence Day

Embrace the easy feel of the summer months and bring out the creative side of your kids with the SYMBOLS OF AMERICA Paper Plate Craft Bundle. 

I love this BUNDLE because you can use each paper plate craft to complement a study of these symbols of America in honor of INDEPENDENCE DAY, July 4th, or you can use each of them to celebrate the individual holidays associated with each: 

Liberty Bell (only in the bundle) – Independence Day, July 4

Uncle Sam -Uncle Sam Day, September 13th

Statue of Liberty – Statue of Liberty Dedication Day, October 28th

Bald Eagle– American Eagle Day, June 20th

Mount Rushmore – Presidents’ Day – The third Monday in February

Each paper plate craft comes with full color files that are perfect for print, cut and assembling as well as color your own files so your kids can be creative. A purple Statue of Liberty rocks! 

August – National Tooth Fairy Day

Because our teeth are so very important – NATIONAL TOOTH FAIRY DAY is celebrated twice a year. One date happens to be August 22. Embark on a journey around the world and discover the different traditions other countries have surrounding the tooth fairy. There is a Happy Hive Homeschooling exclusive teaching video, slide presentation and Mystery Puzzle (digital) activity. (There is also a paper quiz you can use instead.) Make a tooth shape book and even a cute place to put any teeth while you wait for the Tooth Fairy to arrive!   

September – Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 19th is Talk like a Pirate Day. This day is a wonderful opportunity to study, not only Pirates and their unique vocabulary, it is also an opportunity to study famous pirates as a point of historical reference. 

To help you and your children “talk like a pirate” you get CLEVER PIRATE PUNS. First, there is a link to a Google slide presentation with over 35 slides that you can guide kids through yourself. You can also use the exclusive Happy Hive Homeschooling teaching video with special host: Petey Parrot. Laugh along with Petey as he explores the figurative language element, Puns, all with a pirate twist! Just for FUN I have included a set of Pirate Eye Patches to print. You’ll create instant PIRATES of your own! It’s much easier to TALK LIKE A PIRATE when you actually LOOK LIKE A PIRATE! 

Want to take dressing like a pirate a little further- Use our FREE printable Pirate Photo props. This activity is INCLUDED when you purchase Mrs. Crabtree’s Holiday of the Day Curriculum Favorites. Having everything you need in one bundle helps with planning and saves time. This way you’re not hunting all over my website to find the free BEES that coordinate! 

October – World Space Week

The first week of October is WORLD SPACE WEEK, and a wonderful time to take a deep dive into the solar system. Our activity pack FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT THE PLANETS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM contains planet worksheets, a google slide presentation, and a teaching video. I designed these elements to work together so you have a complete lesson plan about the solar system!

Begin Homeschooling through the Holidays~

October also officially begins the “homeschooling through the holidays season”. Keeping things simple and leaning into the ebb and flow of the larger, more celebrated holidays of this time is possible! 

Take some time NOW at the beginning of the year to make sure you carve out 🎃 (carve- out, get it, ha ha) plenty of time to ENJOY these holidays. 

Homeschooling through the holidays is a great way to make memories, and you can read all about how to plan for it ON THE BLOG

I have a FREE ACTIVITY PACK with everything you need and it is INCLUDED when you purchase Mrs. Crabtree’s Holiday of the Day Curriculum Favorites. Having everything you need in one bundle helps with planning and saves time. This way you’re not hunting all over my website to find the free BEES that coordinate! 

November – Basketball Day

BASKETBALL DAY is November 6 the birthday of James Naismith. Naismith invented basketball to be played inside during the winter. Did you know the first basketball game was played with a basket and a soccer ball? It’s true! 

Celebrate this holiday and introduce, or review the states and capitals with our MAP THE NBA ACTIVITY.  Inside the printable resource you get a link to a video with an introduction to Basketball

This video gets the lesson started. I included it to help those who may not be as familiar with the sport excited about the project, and those already familiar will enjoy the refresher!

There is also a link to a map of the States and Capitals as well as maps that show the locations of each NBA team for reference so you don’t have to hunt for one. 

Your kids first map the state names, capitals, and then they add the NBA team names color-coding them according to the 2 divisions.

December – National Fruitcake Day

December 27th is National Fruitcake Day, and January 3rd is Toss Your Fruitcake Day. Your kids will remember this set of holidays for many, many years – especially if your children have not tried fruitcake before. There are plenty of Math-related activities inside the FRUTICAKE FUN PACK that are based on both the fruitcake tasting activity and everyone’s favorite: the fruitcake toss. 

Teachers can complete the tasting before winter break, and the toss when students return. 

Remember holidays, like birthdays, do not have to be celebrated on their exact dates! The celebration, learning and memory making are the same whenever you gather ‌for fun.

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This Holiday of the day curriculum bundle saves you time and Money!

You are welcome to purchase each of these engaging holiday activities individually or grab them in Mrs. Crabtree’s Holiday Bundle.  

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  • Oreo Cookie Bingo
  • Pirate Photo Props
  • Moon Observation recording Journal
  • Homeschooling through the holidays activity pack

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