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We don’t *Stop* schooling over the summer. In fact, I subscribe to the philosophy that everything is learning, and every day is a school day (yes even weekends and Holidays!) If you have been a subscriber and a blog reader for a while, you also know my motto: There is no wrong way to homeschool! There is only your way, and that’s the right way!

As you ease into summer, why not try a flexible summer homeschool schedule where each day has a bit of a theme? I’m going to share my fun ideas with you – but there are literally tons of these things floating around the internet. Be inspired, but do what works for YOUR family, the area you live, your comfort level, supplies, etc.

This type of summer homeschool schedule also works great for families who are not currently homeschooling and just need a little something to keep kids’ minds busy. 

Movie Monday – watch, share, create

Each Monday, watch a movie, create a “book report” type of activity to go along with it, and discuss as a family the aspects of the movie. You can make: Movie posters, dioramas, character maps, write new endings, puppets, Lego builds, etc. Discussions can include character development, plot development, setting changes (what if the movie took place in space?), and if the movie happens to also be a book, that opens up a whole realm of compare and contrast! 

We have a FREE Movie Discussion Guide in our Happy Hive Store. This guide can further stimulate the experience.

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Take a Trip Tuesday
get out or make it virtual

Field Trips don’t have to be expensive and elaborate. A picnic in the backyard works! There are many Virtual Field trips as well to museums, amusement parks, and zoos all over the world. Happy Hive Homeschooling has a “Travel the World” Field Trip activity in which you can “visit” 14 different countries. Your learners make a passport and everything. This cool activity is available in the Happy Hive Shop store and your favorite online teacher marketplaces.

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Want something a little shorter? Try our FREE virtual field trip to France! France happens to be the most popular tourist destination in the world and you can visit with our Sample activity! This freebie also includes a template for making a travel brochure. It can be used for the virtual trip to France or as an activity after on of your summer field trips!

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Other field trip ideas include places in your neighborhood. Often your local library hosts a summer reading program the kids can take part in. Make TUESDAY your day to visit the library and check out books. We like to play at a different part each week, taking a quick minute to take a picture at each park so we remember them all and can create a summer park photo collage.

Word Study Wednesday
vocabulary, reading, book club

There are so many options for increasing your word power! Use Wednesdays to read together as a family. You can use a different book each week, or a longer book that builds anticipation. Invite a few other families to join and create a book club in which you can share ideas. You can meet using online tools such as Google Meet or Zoom. You can hold a book club in person if you’d like. Your kids can also simply engage in their own personal reading time. If you want to add more of a vocabulary twist to the day, why not use a word of the day/week activity such as the one available from in our free-BEE section! This Vocabulary of the Day/Week has 200 words suitable for grades 3 – 7, or you can easily use the worksheets with your own words. This is another great FREEBIE!

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Think Thursday
science and math, puzzles and games

We always defaulted to puzzles and games on Think Thursday! The kids can use apps to keep up with their math facts or even a deck of cards. My all-time favorite for the middle grades is to play multiplication war. It’s like the old-fashioned game of war – but you want to be the first to multiply the two cards. A tie in calling out the answer results in the “war”. Spending a few hours together on a puzzle or playing a board game is summer fun that simply can’t be beaten! You can also try an out-of-the-box idea and go on a Scavenger Hunt! 

There is a fantastic Free PHOTO Scavenger Hunt to celebrate CAMERA DAY – June 20th  or you can snag the Mega Pack  With 20 different hunts!

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Traditional puzzles and board games work great for “Think Thursday” too. It’s a day for Sudoku, Dominoes or even old-fashioned 21. Some other Brain Games you may like to mix things up can be found in our Puzzles and Brain teasers Pack. There are 10 different activities all designed to improve cognitive function and problem-solving skills for multiple ages.

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Fan Art Friday
recreate the greats

Whatever your level of “creative” – find a famous painting, sculpture, or even craft item and use whatever you have on hand to make your own version of it. Be inspired by the art! Playdough (find an easy homemade recipe for extra fun) is a great way to make sculptures. What about a Lego bust of a famous face? Summer construction paper mosaics suddenly become masterpieces when hung on the fridge – guaranteed! 

If you want to keep the “Schooling” going into the weekend, we call it: 

So Together Saturday and Sunday
special meals, one on one with each child, chores and gardening

Use the weekend to cook together, make sure you spend one on one time with each of your children (even if it’s while you fold laundry!) and get outside to do some yard work and gardening. Summer is a perfect time for flowers or vegetables! If you have a small space, try container gardening. Chores are a wonderful way to maintain responsibility and build character. 

Whether you do *something everyday* or just one thing each week, I hope these ideas help you keep the minds you share space with active this summer!

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