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Spring has sprung as far as the calendar is concerned…in the Northern Hemisphere. Hopefully, the weather where you live has decided to participate. In the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn is decorating the landscape with its beauty. Wherever you are in the world, There are plenty of holidays for April your kids won’t want to miss celebrating.

Start off with these seasonal writing prompts offered by Froggy About Teaching.

You can also check out this curated list of Spring Book Picks from HOMESCHOOL On The Range

April is National Poetry Month, and National Haiku Poetry Day is celebrated on April 17th.

Writing poetry tends to be intimidating to kids. To make it easier, I have a step-by-step guide with examples and templates for 7 different poetry styles. You can do them all together or spread them out throughout the month! The video lesson as well as the templates make teaching poetry easy.

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As you explore the Holidays for April, I hope the ideas shared here and in our resources inspire you to dig a little deeper into the holidays. Each holiday of the day is filled with information to help your Happy Hive buzz with excitement!

Celebrate on or near these specific days: 

April Fools Day – April 1

April Fools day is a great opportunity to get the month started with a bang. You can download a word search sure to do the trick from our Happy Hive Store.

National One Cent Day – April 1st

In our fast-paced, digital world, we can easily overlook the value of the simple penny. The set of 7 different copywork quotes highlights the penny in a unique light. Each quote comes as a trace over, manuscript and cursive copywork worksheet. Complete the activity one at a time or simply chose your favorite penny quote. There is also a QR code activity so your kids can get to know the famous people credited to each quote.

Zoo Lovers Day – April 8

There are many Zoos, Animal Sanctuaries, and other places you can visit to observe the habits and history of different animals. Even your backyard, park, or local walking trail can be a living zoo filled with interesting things for your children to explore.

Millions of people visit Zoos each year. The oldest Zoo in the United States is said to be the Philadelphia Zoo, but New York City had what was called an animal menagerie long before, so the title of “first zoo” can be debated.

If you have the opportunity to visit a Zoo today is a GREAT day to do that. The San Diego Zoo has a variety of “Animal Cams” available for a Virtual Field trip! They also have stories and crafts sure to fill your Zoo Lovers Day with plenty of FUN!

You can also set up your own zoo at home using stuffed animals! Have your children select the animals they want to display. After some internet or book research, you can scribe for them, or have them write facts on index cards. Place the index cards in front of each animal and you have created your very own indoor Zoo.

To help you celebrate Zoo Lovers Day Happy Hive Homeschooling has a set of Animal Report Templates. These templates will save you time because they are essentially a ready to go 3 step Animal Report.

If you prefer to keep to the Zoo Theme, you might like the extreme facts in our Zoo Fun Facts activity. This resource has 10 fun facts about zoos and the animals in them. Set up as a True/False activity your children will be AMAZED by what they learn about zoos. Use the animated presentation or the fun self-checking mystery picture.

Third Monday of April

Have you subscribed to our YouTube Channel yet? this is where you will find our education teaser videos as well as FULL lesson videos you can use in your homeschool. Check out the teaser trailer for the Patriots’ Day resource we have for the Battle of Lexington and Concord! 

Patriots’ Day is celebrated in many areas of the United States on the third Monday of April. This resource is one of my favorites as the video has voice changes! There is a timeline as well as a coloring activity.

New videos for our bestselling products are being added regularly. These videos are designed to help you use Happy Hive Homeschooling products more efficiently. As a teacher or homeschool parent, you can watch the video and see the vision behind the lesson. You can use it with your children – or just steal all my jokes and teach the lesson yourself! 

Big Word Day – April 21st

Vocabulary is one of the essential keys to reading. Adding to your child’s knowledge of words provides unlimited access to new information. Big word day is a wonderful opportunity to begin a word of the day study. Happy Hive Homeschooling has .200 “big” words suitable for grades 3 – 6. These words can also provide a good review for older learners and certainly don’t hurt younger learners to listen to!

Download this free-BEE from the Happy Hive Homeschooling shop

Talk Like Shakespeare Day – April 23rd

Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day? Come to think of it you might be looking more like a green-eyed monster. No time to figure it out, because we have a birthday to celebrate! Today, in honor of William Shakespeare’s birth, it is talk like Shakespeare day! April 23 is commonly accepted as the birthday of the English poet and playwright. (There actually isn’t a record of his birth, just his baptism.) As a result of this fine fettle, we embrace our inner performer and go on with the show!

The Oxford dictionary gives Shakespeare credit for being the first to use, seemingly inventing, almost 500 words. Many are the elements of figurative language called Idioms.

You can explore 6 of these in celebration of Talk like Shakespeare day with our easy-to-use resource.

Visit the Happy Hive shop or your favorite teacher marketplace to purchase this resource

 National Superhero Day – April 28th

I think my favorite April Holiday is National Superhero Day! This holiday was started in 1995 by a group of interns at Marvel. When I was teaching full time my classroom had a superhero theme and I wore a superhero shirt almost every day. I even had Superhero dress shirts I wore on Fridays when our school attended Mass. The last ID badge I had, I convinced the young photographer to list my name as Wonder Woman. It was GREAT! I often received gifts such as those shown here of paper cuffs and tiara. You bet I wore them. I rocked those suckers. 

Everyone should have the opportunity to transform into a superhero from time to time! Our Superhero Worksheets help your children do just that! There are masks, cuffs, and plenty of fun-filled worksheets for the heroes in your life. 

You can start the day with the video narrated by “Suzanne” that contains some history of comics and the heroes you know and love. There is also an engaging mystery picture activity that tests your knowledge.

More holidays for April!

These products use each of the Holiday of the Days for April


In each set of April copywork you get 30 topics, in 2 font styles. The first is with guides (arrows) and the second font is a simple version of the font. The trace over copywork contains simple sentences, Manuscript and Cursive sentences are longer and more advanced, but similar so family discussions or use as Memory Verse is still possible!


Lego Challenge Cards are great for everyday use or even days your kids can’t go outside because of the weather (Rain, Snow, Wind, Heat). They make excellent party games or Fun Friday activities.

There are 30 building challenges for April based on the holiday of the day.

Visit the Happy Hive Homeschooling Shop to purchase these Lego Challenge Cards for April

Poke Art

10 Exciting Holidays for April are highlighted in the POKE ART PACK

You get both the Color and Black & White patterns for:

  • National One Cent Day – April 1
  • Find A Rainbow Day – April 3
  • Unicorn Day – April 9
  • Submarine Day – April 11
  • Jackie Robinson Day – April 15
  • Bat Appreciation Day – April 17
  • Pinata Day – April 18
  • Earth Day – April 22
  • National Superhero Day – April 28
  • Arbor Day – April 29

If you are looking for more April Fun I have just the thing! My friend Suzanne over at Teacher Writer has curated a fantastic set of writing prompts and activities for April surrounding the National Holidays!

BEE sure to check out the Teacher Writer blog post with tips for implementing these National Day Writing Prompts. Your busy bees will find them especially engaging as they come with videos to help introduce the topic!

Some of the April daily prompts:

  • National Colorado Day. (Write about the great state of Colorado.)
  • National Dolphin Day. (Learn and write about this gentle mammal.)
  • Thomas Jefferson Day. (Write about the third United States President.)
  • National Bat Appreciation Day. (Learn about what makes bats special.)
  • National Eraser Day. (Compare and contrast erasers and tires.)
  • National Look Alike Day (Find the differences between two pictures and write about them.)

Thanks for checking out the many holidays for April!

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This site is a labor of love and will grow and grow. Is there a Holiday of the Day you would like to see featured? Contact Us and we will do our best to make it happen! We are glad you are here and hope you enjoy learning and celebrating in your HAPPY HIVE!

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