Idioms From Shakespeare



Have you every wanted to talk like Shakespeare? The perfect opportunity arrives every April, With Talk like Shakespeare day. The English poet and playwright is famous for inventing idioms! Our fun idiom lesson comes with a link to a 25 slide presentation in Google Slides (Can be downloaded as a Power Point if you prefer)  presentation containing 6 popular Shakespeare idioms and what they mean.

Shakespeare is credited with inventing these phrases we now tend to take for granted.

Heart of Gold and Green-Eyed monster are actually idioms Shakespeare invented!

This activity pack contains Google Slides link and companion worksheets for 6 common idioms found in Shakespeare’s written work.

You also get a link to an original Homeschool Holiday video in which Mrs. Crabtree uses the slide presentation and her 20 years of experience to teach the lesson.

The Slide presentation first introduces the definition of Idiom, breaking it down figuratively and literally. The learner follows along filling in the information on the companion handouts.

The 6 idioms provide example sentences to help with meanings for younger learners. The illustrations can be of the figurative (idiom) meaning or the literal meaning (what the words ACTUALLY mean). Some idioms lend themselves one way or another depending on the age this is used with.

I have provided a “suggested” answer key if learners get stuck, but I’m sure the learners are far more creative than Mrs. Crabtree! I would LOVE to see what they come up with.


This activity was originally inspired by the Holiday Talk Like Shakespeare Day, April 23