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I would love you to use our free lapbooking templates to organize your child’s learning! Lapbooking is a popular way for homeschoolers to show off their work. Lapbooks create a portfolio the size of your lap! Therefore it’s called LAPBOOKING!

It is common to use file folders and “mini-books” to create a finished lapbook. These “mini-books”, sometimes called foldables, are the lapbook templates! Here at Happy Hive Homeschooling, we love Lapbooking a LOT. We even do a hybrid style where we put the lapbook elements into our spiral-bound notebooks. Classroom teachers call these interactive notebooks!

Whether you are looking for templates for lapbooks, or interactive notebook templates, Homeschool Holiday has you covered! We understand it’s helpful to have a variety of templates for lapbooks.

It is my pleasure to offer families FREE lapbook templates. We also offer resources that have lapbooking templates included!

How to use free lapbooking templates

The templates make mini books to record information about the topic you are studying. Take Dinosaurs for example. You can make mini books about the different dinosaurs, the various time periods, and even the theories about the extinction of the dinosaurs. Once all your mini books are complete, arrange them artistically into file folders, a spiral notebook or onto loose-leaf paper. You can use as few or as many file folders (or pages) as needed to organize the information about your topic, dinosaurs in my example. 

A fantastic feature of lapbooks (and interactive notebooks) is their size! Once complete, a lapbook is easy to show friends and family. Having lapbooks on display during an open house in a classroom is always a hit. 

Without doubt, blank lapbook templates allow for unlimited and repeated use. Incorporating lapbooking into your homeschool helps your child show what they know in a fun and creative manner!In fact, it can break up larger topics into digestible segments and can make “boring” assignments a bit more exciting! Lapbooks are easy to store and even make a great item to put into your family Time Capsule! 

If you would like to get started Lapbooking with your children I have a set of 8 FREE lapbooking templates for you! You can also check out my video about Lapbooking at the bottom of this post and my other article on the subject:


Ready to take lapbooking for a test drive? Everything you need is in our Ben Franklin: Kite Experiment product. You will learn the TRUTH about the day he sent that kite up into a storm, and can document everything all in an adorable kite-shaped “lapbook”.

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We also have a year-long lapbook project that teaches the seasons, months, and days of the Year This lapbook includes 2 teaching videos, plenty of interactive elements, and activities designed to show progress over the course of a year. Don’t worry, there is a pacing guide for suggested use beginning in January, August, or September.

Visit the Happy Hive Homeschooling store to purchase this year long lapbook project!

Need a FULL SET of Lapbooking Templates? This set of Lapbooking Templates / Interactive Notebook Templates from Homeschool Holiday contains over 35 unique mini books- you can use for ANY SUBJECT.

visit the Happy Hive Homeschooling store or your favorite teacher marketplace for your templates for lapbooks.

If you want more information on lapbooking, feel free to check out the youtube video.

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