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This post: Summer School is part of our series THE HOMESCHOOLING YEARS and was originally published in July 2012.

These original blog posts came with me from my “blogger” days. They were written from the heart, as a way to record the memories in real-time as they were happening. Their intended audience was simply family and close friends. Because they are an ESSENTIAL PART of Happy Hive Homeschool’s evolution, I have chosen to keep them in their original form with minor edits if needed. You may see the post repeated in a more recent more descriptive post as well. I hope you can indulge a mother in her memory keeping!

Because I work, I try to squeeze as much schooling into the summer as possible. Somehow it never looks like “school” they way people think it should.

Beach Days

Spending a week at VBS

A giant slumber party when friends from Louisiana visit

But my bugs ARE learning, growing, and developing. I would not change a thing. This is why I homeschool.

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