Teach life skills using crafts for kids 

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Arts and crafts activities can provide children with a variety of benefits. Through experimenting with colors and textures, children can learn valuable life skills such as problem-solving and collaboration.

Arts and crafts can also be a great way for children to express themselves, build relationships, and relieve stress. If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to engage your child, arts and crafts activities are definitely worth considering.

how do you add crafts to your already overloaded schedule? 

I’m naturally a creative person. Our homeschool had some sort of drawing, painting, clay work, or other “artsy” item DAILY. 

 I have to admit, it was a lot to keep up with, even for someone with a creative streak. 

I spent hours scouring Pinterest for creative activities for the kids. Then I spent even more time prepping the activities. 

I was also blessed with other crafty friends who hosted special crafting days for my children. 

children sitting around a table crafting with an adult watching and guiding them.
Click the image to learn more about the subscription plans available from Elevation Handmade

You no longer have to invest so much time to encourage creativity in your homeschool. 

Enter Elevation Handmade –  an online homeschooling art curriculum membership for creative kids. 

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to explore arts and crafts with your children, I recommend trying Elevation Handmade. This is a program my children wished existed in their homeschool years. 

The Makers Club by Elevation Handmade has everything you need to use crafts to teach life skills.

Add crafts to your homeschool easily

Adding crafts to your homeschool curriculum and using them to teach life skills is one way to make learning more fun and engaging. We can use crafts as an educational tool to help kids learn important concepts, such as math, science, and language arts, as well as to help develop fine motor skills. 

Here are some ideas for ways to add crafts to your homeschool curriculum: 

1. Use Crafts to Teach Math Concepts:

 Crafts can be used to teach some basic math concepts, such as counting, shapes, and measurements. For example, you can have your child make a paper quilt to work on counting or build a model of a circle to learn about shapes. You can also have them learn to sew or knit as a way of learning about measurements. My girls especially loves learning to sew!

Click the image to learn more about the subscription plans available from Elevation Handmade

2. Use Crafts to Teach Science Concepts: 

Crafts provide a hands-on way to teach science to children. Have your children create a marble run or a homemade roller coaster using cardboard and other materials. This will teach children about the importance of gravity and the laws of motion. You can also teach science by making a paper solar system to learn about the planets. The Elevation Handmade Maker’s Club has an easy Shrink Plastic craft that you can use for science as well. 

3. Use Crafts to Teach Language Arts:

Crafts can be used to teach grammar, spelling, and other language arts concepts. For example, you can have your child create a collage of words to learn about spelling and grammar, or make a book out of paper to learn about storytelling. As a bonus activity in The Elevation Handmade Maker’s Club after making a felt stuffie, there is a template for writing a biography and story about the stuffie you create. 

hand sewn felt squirrel
The stuffie project was so much fun. We made our own pattern and created a squirrel.

4. Use Crafts to Develop Fine Motor Skills:

Crafts can also be used to help children develop their fine motor skills. For example, you can have your child make a paper airplane to practice folding and cutting, or a paper doll to practice drawing and coloring. Our favorite Fine Motor craft is Push Pin Poke Art

By using crafts to teach math, science, language arts, and to develop fine motor skills, you can help your child learn important concepts in an engaging and creative way.

Crafts teach life skills

Crafts are an important part of a child’s development, teaching them valuable life skills that will last them a lifetime. From learning colors and shapes to problem-solving and following instructions,  and social and emotional development. Kids can learn a lot out of crafting. It’s also a great way to boost their self-esteem and improve their motor skills.

Click the Image to learn more about the Elevation Handmade Program


One of the most important life skills kids learn from crafts is problem-solving. Through experimenting with colors and textures, children can learn how to think creatively and develop cognitive skills like problem-solving.

As they work on projects, they’ll often need to figure out how to fix mistakes and find creative solutions to finish the job. This can help them develop the resilience needed to overcome obstacles in life, as well as the resourcefulness to think outside the box and try different approaches.

Academic Skills

Crafts can also teach kids about following instructions and paying attention to details. Working on a craft project requires kids to read the instructions and make sure they’re following them correctly. This can help them become better organized and more focused, both of which are important skills for school and beyond. 

Self Esteem and Stress Relief

Crafts are also a great way to boost self-esteem. As kids complete their projects, they’ll be proud of their accomplishments and feel a sense of accomplishment. This can help kids feel more confident in their abilities and give them the courage to tackle new tasks. 

Additionally, arts and crafts can help children to relax and relieve stress. It can be a great way for children to take a break from their busy lives and just have fun. By engaging in creative activities, children can learn to express themselves and explore their unique interests. 

Motor Skills

One of the most obvious benefits of arts and crafts is that it helps children to develop their fine motor skills. Through activities such as cutting, drawing, painting, and gluing, children can practice and improve their coordination, dexterity, and grip.

Working with their hands and manipulating tools and materials can help kids develop motor skills, which are important for writing and other activities. 

Social and Emotional benefits 

In addition to physical and cognitive benefits, arts and crafts can also have a positive impact on a child’s emotional and social development. Arts and crafts activities provide a safe and supportive environment for children to express themselves and their feelings. It can be a great way for children to build relationships with others, as they learn to collaborate and communicate with each other.  In The Elevation Handmade Maker’s Club membership, your children have the opportunity to participate in a show & tell with other children monthly. 

Use Maker’s Club to teach life skills

With a membership to the Makers Club, your children can begin making crafts on day one. No experience is needed. Start with the quick crafts section, or learn some foundational skills. 

There are plenty of step-by-step video courses and projects. With the convenient supply lists, you can shop locally or order what you need online. I bet you’ll even have some of what you need on hand. 

These are not paper plate crafts and popsicle stick frames. With a subscription to Elevation Handmades Maker’s club your kids can knit, sew, and make holiday-themed projects all on their own. 

Ideal for elementary-aged children (about 2nd grade and up), the online, self-paced, videos provide kids with endless opportunities for creative expression. There is something magical about a home filled with kid art!

Craft supplies we love:

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