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Finding Holiday of the Day activities is easy with Happy Hive Homeschooling!

Hi – I’m Christy – or you might know me as Mrs. Crabtree, that’s my Homeschool Teacher name. When I was a full-time homeschool mom we had so much fun with my unique holiday of the day activities! My kids were fascinated to learn that every day was a holiday. They asked me over and over: What is today’s holiday??? Fast forward to 2019 when a fluke of circumstance has me back at home full time. My kids are now all in college, not exactly interested in studying the quirky holiday of the day any longer.

I decided it’s time to whip up more of those awesome holiday of the day activities and help other homeschool moms just like me.

Welcome to Happy Hive Homeschooling a website dedicated to exploring the Holiday of the Day and helping you run your own efficient Happy Hive!

BEE sure to check out the fun curriculum designed to get your worker bees inspired again! Explore exciting holidays like National Fruitcake Day, how to write your name in Morse Code and even How to Homeschool Through the Holidays!

I am also passionate about having an efficiently running “happy hive” and love to talk to you about the methods I used to organize, schedule, and lesson plan in my homeschool with the hopes it will help you have a happy hive too. “Bee” sure to check out the different methods of homeschooling as well as our 3 easy strategies for burnout.


I’m sure you already have BIG PLANS for your homeschool, and likely spend a chunk of change on curriculum. Never fear, It’s easy to add the Holiday of the day into what you are already doing.

Choose 1 or 2 holidays a week as you see fit. Then as you find the hive is buzzing with interest, add more! You can celebrate together on a quiet evening or over the weekend. You can complete the holiday of the day activities as close to the actual day a possible, but there are no real rules… just celebrate and learn!

The Holiday of the Day can be one of your daily “Subjects” or it can be your entire curriculum depending on the age (s) of your children. Complete all the suggested activities to fill the majority of your day, or pick just one to highlight.

Use the Holiday of the Day as morning work, or “What to do When I’m Done” activities. Depending on your standards, the holiday of the day can also easily be incorporated into many language arts, history, and science curriculum standards. While specific standards are not addressed, each activity is made to be academically rigorous and engaging.

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This site is a labor of love and will grow and grow. Is there a Holiday of the Day you would like to see featured? Contact Us and we will do our best to make it happen! We are glad you are here and hope you enjoy learning and celebrating in your HAPPY HIVE!

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