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There are countless different reasons for homeschooling. I believe each family has a CORE reason that is deeply personal and becomes the main reason for homeschooling. It helps as we are discerning our decision to homeschool before beginning, or even when deciding to continue, to understand both our CORE reason, and the reasons for homeschooling among our peers.

Unlike our public and private school counterparts, homeschool families get ASKED about our reasons – OFTEN! Identifying your CORE reason for homeschooling can help you answer these questions when asked and understand the good reasons for homeschooling you have adopted into your educational philosophy. It’s also a comfort to have DATA from other homeschoolers about their reasons to understand the main reasons families choose Homeschooling.

The Top 5 Reasons Families Choose Homeschooling

This is not professionally conducted, variable-controlled research, just a simple Facebook post asking the question to THOUSANDS of families who had been homeschooling anywhere from 0 to 20 years. The group was asked WHY they BEGAN homeschooling in the first place. The top 5 answers were these:

1. To meet the unique learning needs of my children – the ability to customize education.

2. Family is the most important unit, homeschooling maintains the family bond.

3. Our family values do not align with what is taught in schools.  

4. To allow my child to work at their own pace faster or slower.

5. To allow children a choice in what they are learning.

Mrs. Crabtree’s Core reason for Homeschooling

Listen to Christy talk about this subject, and share her CORE reason for homeschooling in this video.

What are YOUR reasons for homeschooling?

Like the discussion in the Facebook Group I mentioned, or perhaps similar to my reason, I’m sure YOU have your own set of reasons for homeschooling. Maybe you can’t pinpoint those reasons quite yet, but they are just a feeling or a gut reaction to what is going on around you.

Perhaps you have several reasons for homeschooling.  You might come up with a list:

Avoid cliques and bullying

Provide a better education

Give my children the power of choice

Avoid state testing

Religious reasons

Differently abilities (IEP or Gifted)

Ultimately, you know your kids best of all. What are your instincts telling you?

No wrong way to homeschool!

One thing to remember when answering this question from well-meaning friends and family is that – there is no WRONG way to go to school. We need ALL SYSTEMS. Every family is making the right choice for them. Answer their inquiries with love and kindness and most of all patience. Own your reasons without making them doubt their own choices. Invite them to a park day with your homeschool group or an event held on a traditional school holiday. Share your homeschool successes on social media. Celebrate the success of other-schooled friends. 

Turn the “why do you homeschool” question back around!

When you do get questions, after answering, ask questions back – keep it positive and non-threatening. Ask your family and friends what they love most about their school,  and let them share! Tell them you would love to come to so-and so’s next (insert event here…. Play, awards ceremony, festival, fundraiser, etc). Oftentimes people question what they don’t understand. Keep the conversation open by asking: “Do you have any other questions about homeschooling I can answer for you?” You might be the ONLY homeschooler they know!

The other issue is subconsciously YOUR decision to homeschool may threaten THEIR decision to send their kids to traditional school. Don’t underestimate the power of fear and ego.

Whatever the circumstance, remember the importance of education in all its forms. If you are uncomfortable answering you can politely remind the well-meaning question asker that if all families who homeschooled suddenly decided to send their kids to school, the system would be overcrowded- and ill-prepared to handle the sheer number of children they are TRULY required to educate, so you are simply doing your part to help out.

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