reading Better Together – the Right Path to reading for beginners

Reading Better Together is an exceptional curriculum that guides you in teaching your child the art of reading. With detailed lesson plans and a wealth of resources, this curriculum ensures that you have all the tools you need for a successful reading journey. The comprehensive program provides everything you need to make the process of teaching reading for beginners clear and engaging for you and your child.

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Discovering the Right Path to Teaching Reading

As a young teacher taking classes designed to teach me how to teach children, I found myself longing for a course that would teach me how to teach reading for beginners. Reading, after all, is the gateway to all other knowledge.

I never found that class, and instead, I learned how to teach reading by teaching reading. It’s much like throwing someone in the pool and they just swim. It works in a pinch.

My 3 children learned to read with a mish-mash of techniques. Leap Pad, easy readers, and working with me on phonics. I’m so glad I’ll have the Reading Better Together program from now on!

As both an elementary school teacher and homeschool mom I have used my fair share of reading programs. I can tell you I will be using the Reading Better Together program with my future grandchildren.

In the world of homeschooling, finding an effective and hassle-free method to teach your child to read can be a game-changer. Reading Better Together is exactly this hassle-free method! You don’t have to agonize over what to do because this curriculum comes with scripted lessons designed to simplify teaching reading for beginners. These lessons are tailored to empower you as a homeschool mom, reinforcing there’s no wrong way to homeschool.

  • The scripted lessons take the guesswork out of teaching reading.
  • Each lesson provides you with clear, step-by-step instructions on what to do, making it easy to teach your child effectively.
  • No more searching for materials; open the lesson and read aloud to your child.
  • Each lesson takes 15 minutes or less. Not only are these lessons engaging, but they also make practicing every day easy to fit into your routine.

Pronunciation Made Easy

The letter sounds can be tricky, even for experienced teachers. Did you know the letter a makes 9 different sounds? Don’t worry, Reading Better Together has you covered. The lessons feature QR codes that link to 29 video lessons. You and your child can watch these videos together to improve pronunciation and enhance the learning experience.

The extensive videos walk you through teaching phonological and phonemic awareness, crucial skills often overlooked in other programs. These videos offer simple yet effective activities that enhance reading and spelling abilities.

Side-by-Side Reading Adventures

Beginning in the second week of the Reading Better Together curriculum, you and your child will embark on side-by-side reading adventures. As a parent, you’ll read the pages on the left, while your child reads the pages on the right. These carefully crafted books offer engaging plots and characters, making the reading experience more exciting than ever before. Your child will quickly progress in their reading skills, experiencing the thrill of success with each turn of the page.

Mrs. Crabtree and her nephew, read with the side by side books in the Reading Better Together program

If you’re already using another curriculum, you can still access these wonderful books to read with your child. There is an option to purchase Reading Better Together’s side-by-side books separately.

Unlocking the Power of reading for beginners

Inside the Reading Better Together program, you’ll find a comprehensive video that provides invaluable guidance on selecting the right books to ignite your child’s enthusiasm for reading. Whether you’re just starting with homeschooling or your child is new to reading, this video is a treasure trove of information. It covers topics such as determining your child’s reading level, helping them choose books they’re genuinely interested in, and making sure the chosen books are age-appropriate. These insights are especially beneficial if you’re navigating the exciting world of teaching your child to read for the first time.

Enrich Learning with Worksheets and Printables

Reading Better Together doesn’t stop at lesson plans and videos; it also includes a variety of printable activities.

Each session concludes with a compelling hands-on activity that can be completed using common household supplies. These activities not only reinforce the lesson but also add an element of excitement to teaching reading.

The printables offer additional practice and varied approaches to reinforce essential reading skills. If your child encounters challenges along the way, these printables are a perfect extra layer of support.

Interactive Learning through Play

One of the delightful features of the Reading Better Together curriculum is the inclusion of educational games. These games come with different levels of difficulty, ensuring that all your children can participate simultaneously, each working at their own pace. These games have been enjoyed by countless children and have added a fun and interactive dimension to their reading journey.

Reading Better Together is a comprehensive reading program that leaves no stone unturned. With detailed lesson plans, engaging books, instructive videos, enriching printables, and interactive games, it caters to all learning styles. It ensures that your child not only learns to read but also enjoys the process.

Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or just starting, the Reading Better Together program is a valuable resource to teach reading for beginners.

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You can get a FREE SAMPLE of the Reading Better Together program and try it for yourself. There is also an active Facebook group (of which I am also a member) with free training and the support you need to teach your child to read.

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