Push Pin Poke Pictures – Happy New Year



As homeschool teachers, we have many opportunities for helping our children develop fine motor skills, including using push pin poke art! Perhaps your children need a little work on staying focused. Harping on them all day is NOT going to do the trick! Why not show them how capable they actually are of completing a task that TAKES focus and concentration by printing a page or two from the push pin poke art pictures Happy New Year packet? 

The push pin poke art  Happy New Year picture printables provide your children of ALL AGES hours of pokey time fun!

Sometimes called pinprick pictures, these were historically used in the 17th and 18th centuries as a way for girls to pass the time. The designs were created on watercolor paper, and embellished with watercolor paint for effect. This is an idea you can use in your homeschool with older children easily. Simply lay the pattern over watercolor paper and poke! Then children can add paint to “colorize” their masterpiece! 

Happy Hive Homeschooling poke art patterns come in BOTH black and white and color for stunning effects.


10 – Color and Black & White patterns

  • Happy New Year text with confetti surrounding
  • The “ball” from New Your’s Times Square
  • Toasting Glasses
  • Party Hat
  • Hourglass with “sand”
  • Father Time
  • Baby New Year
  • Party Horns
  • Fireworks
  • Clock about to strike Midnight with the year (years 2020 – 2030 included)


Directions for use include using the patterns with paint or sewing with the patterns. Sewing with the patterns is a fantastic activity for your older children.

Using the pre-colored printables makes it easy to use patterns with the littlest of your children because they can see what the picture is!

I have also included a link to a short instructional video for the backstitch and a french knot. The pin prick pattern must be poked before it is sewn, so this takes some time to complete. Another good lesson in patience, focus, and completing a project over time. 

Just like throughout history, you and your children can use the patterns to create artwork by poking them then coloring them with crayons, colored pencils, or watercolors.  The sky is the limit and this art activity is not limited to the smallest child.

Suggested poking tools include:

  • Jumbo Push Pins
  • Embroidery needles secured to pencils to make a “tool”
  • toothpicks
  • golf tees (although these can make large holes)
  • clayworking tools
  • a ling nail (also prone to larger holes)
  • straight pins secured to a pencil (make the smallest holes and can be STUNNING)

Print and have the children poke directly on cardstock, or you can double up and have them poke through two layers. However you decide to complete the project, it is best to have a soft surface behind your child’s paper.

Suggested soft surfaces include:

  • Cork Board
  • Foam Mat
  • Cardboard (2 layers)
  • A folded towel
  • A large mouse pad

Use these patterns to ring in the New year and then be sure to hang them in a window so you can get the full effect. Painted and sewn pictures can be framed and given as gifts or used as decorations for years to come.

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We hope this set of Push Pin Poke Art is helpful in developing fine motor skills and teaching basic embroidery in your Happy Hive! 

– Christy,  AKA Mrs. Crabtree, and the Happy Hive Homeschooling Team