Ideas for Word of the Year


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Creating a word of the year won’t be a chore with our step-by-step guide and printable word list.

Begin by listing strengths and weaknesses for each family member. You want to find common areas and gaps.

Reflect on your findings and then go ahead and write down as many words as you feel inspired to write. I tell my kids this is a brain dump!

After you have your largish list, wait. Give the words time to bake, stew, marinate and resonate with your soul.

When the time is right, narrow it down to 3-5 words and present those to the family. Work together to agree upon your ONE WORD (or simple phrase) that will guide your homeschool for the year.

This exercise can be done in January for the “new year” or at the beginning of your academic year. Choosing a guiding word is also an important part of the decompression process when you decide to homeschool after using a public or private school.

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