Florence Nightingale Project



Take a walk in the footsteps of Florence Nightingale and honor her legacy with this Florence Nightingale Project! It’s perfect for Nurses’ Week in May or to Celebrate International Nurses Day onMay 12th (Florence’s Birthday).

2020 celebrated the 200th birthday of Miss Nightingale who was responsible for changing the face of nursing forever!

With the supplies in this pack you can create a variety of end products: Lapbook, Interactive Notebook, or Lantern Shape Book. Instructions with pictures for creating these items included.

The informational text and QR code biography are all you need for the complete Florence Nightingale project, but you are welcome to assign your children additional research. There are more than enough interactive elements to compensate.

Be sure to check out the preview. This works GREAT with our LAPBOOKING TEMPLATES

Here is what you get inside the Florence Nightingale Project:All Products

  • A 4 page informational Textprintable for your children to read and discover the life of Florence Nightingale.
  • A link and QR code to the video: A Walk in her Footsteps. This is a video narrated by “Florence”. She guided your kids through her life and passion for nursing.
  • The Happy Hive Homeschooling Lantern Shape Book. This lantern is a Turkish Lantern and historically accurate as to what Miss Nightingale would have used as she walked from bed to bed checking on her patients.
  • A variety of foldables to write facts about the life of Florence Nightingale as they are discovered from the informational text, video, or personal research. These elements are sized to fit in the lantern shape book, but can also simply be glued to a file folder or spiral notebook to create a traditional lapbook.
  • Instructions for creating the lantern shape book and lapbook variations.



Happy Hive Homeschooling products are designed to give accurate representations of history and allow your children the opportunity to further explore the topics on their own based on interest. This is not an all-inclusive study of the life of Florence Nightingale.


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We hope The Florence Nightingale Project is helpful in teaching your kids about important women in history!




May your Educational Journey Be Blessed!

Christy – Mrs. Crabtree