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Celebrating Oreo Cookie Day on March 6th is an easy decision in my house! We are huge fans of the cookie. Being so delicious makes celebrating E A S Y! March 6th is National Oreo Cookie Day, and June 19th is National Eat an Oreo cookie day. I’m not telling you to have your kids hold back and not munch on the chocolatey treats today – but it really is special to have two days to enjoy all their yummy goodness!

Who Invented the Oreo Cookie?

If you follow my blog, you know I loved using the holiday of the day as curriculum in both my home and classroom. There are so many unique learning opportunities out there. The holiday of the day provides a break from the mundane and adds opportunities for connecting over special occasions on what start out as ordinary days! I believe everything is learning and using even 15 minutes of your day to answer the question: What holiday is it today Mom? can be a game changer!

When inquiring minds begin to analyze the events surrounding Oreo Cookie Day, it’s natural to begin by addressing the question: Who invented the Oreo Cookie? Or even: How old is the Oreo Cookie? There are a few common cookies like the animal cracker (1800s) and Fig Newtons (1851) that were already on the market before the Oreo cookie was invented. However, these crème filled sandwich wafers first hit the shelves on March 6th, 1912. They were released by the National Biscuit Company, now known as Nabisco. Manufactured in New York City, Oreo Cookies were sold to a grocery store in Hoboken,  New Jersey. 

You may be surprised to learn the Oreo was a copy of a cookie produced by the Sunshine Manufacturing Company. Sunshine Manufacturing Company released the Hydrox cookie  in 1908, 4 years before the Oreo!  Oreo Cookies however have stood the test of time and are now manufactured in a variety of flavors  and even shaped like footballs!

Oreo Cookie Day Activities

Celebrating Oreo Cookie day can be as easy as picking up a package of your favorite cookie or adding them to ice cream, cupcakes or other treats! But those activities are more suited for Eat an Oreo Cookie Day, June 19th. I’m going to help you with Oreo Cookie Day activities  that will focus on *non edible* things to do with Oreo cookies. If you are looking for ideas that involve EATING the cookies, head over and check out my post for Eat an Oreo Cookie Day, June 19th.

First, hold an Oreo cookie race. Gather your participants and have them roll an Oreo across a flat surface and see how far it goes. Make it math and measure the distance or the time it takes to get from point A to point B. Repeat and add your distances together! You can even find the average distance!

If you are looking for a quick, yet fun printable Oreo cookie activity, why not use our Oreo Cookie Tic Tac Toe! (You can also use blank paper to draw your game board. But we think this is so cute!)  To easily identify players, one player takes the chocolate wafer off their cookie and the other player leaves the wafer on. To keep the Tic Tac Toe board clean for repeated play, simply put it into a page protector! The Tic Tac Toe board is yours FREE, In our Oreo Cookie Fun Pack!

fREE Oreo Cookie Activities

Oreo Cookie Flavor Bingo

Our family enjoys spending at least one game night a week together, especially now that my homeschoolers are adults and no longer in my homeschool. This week we played Oreo Cookie Bingo! The winner received their own package of cookies! The game is easy to set up and play even for younger members of the family and will quickly become a favorite Oreo Cookie Day Activity. The download contains 35 printable bingo cards, so it is enough for your home, co-op or classroom use!

2 worksheets are printed. The one to the left is an Oreo cookie bingo sheet. The free space is a clip art image of chocolate wafer cookies. The worksheet to the right is a sheet of printed bingo markers designed to be cut out. They are chocolate cookie wafers.
Print A bingo Card and “cookie” markers for each player
image of wafer cookie bingo markers and a 1 inch circle punch to demonstrate the icons can easily be punched out or cut with scissors.
The bingo markers are 1 inch in diameter and can be punched with a circle punch or cut with scissors.
Three Oreo Cookie Day Bingo sheets with the cookie bingo markers covering various spaces on the playing board.
Sample bingo cards with bingo markers being used – TIP: Mini Oreo cookies work too!

When you download our Free Oreo Cookie Activities, you’ll also get copy work, a brief history of Oreo Cookies, a phases of the moon sheet to use with Oreo Cookies & a writing activity.

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Our Favorite Oreo Cookie Day Activity!

Our favorite thing to do to celebrate Oreo Cookie Day is to see who can build an Oreo Cookie Tower the highest. The Oreo Cookie Stacking Challenge is the perfect activity  for individuals, partners or teams. I bought each family member their favorite flavor Oreo cookie and explained the rules. Then we began stacking.

The rules are pretty simple and can be adjusted for multiple ages. We used only one hand for stacking, and were NOT allowed to adjust the towers after the cookie was placed. If you would like the Oreo Cookie Stacking Challenge Resource, it is available as a printable resource for both homeschoolers and classroom teachers. There are extension activities if you want to really make things academic.

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Our 4 Non Edible activities are:

  1. Oreo Cookie Race

2. Cookie Tic Tac Toe (Free Printable!)

3. Oreo Cookie Flavor Bingo (Free Printable!)

4. And Oreo Cookie Tower Challenge!

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