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National Pencil Day is celebrated, not really for pencils themselves, but to honor an IMPROVEMENT to the pencil. So, when is National pencil day celebrated? It is not during the back-to-school time as many would believe. The yellow pencil is one of the most recognized school supplies of all time, and one of our earliest writing tools. This fun holiday of the day is March 30th.

Here’s a look at why we celebrate National Pencil Day.

National Pencil Day Facts

It isn’t clear who first scribbled National Pencil Day onto their calendar and invented a reason to celebrate, but we think it’s a great one!

Hyman Lipman embedded an eraser into the end of a pencil. This is what he was given the patent for in 1858. This clever pencil was unique because both the pencil AND the eraser were meant to be sharpened! The eraser was glued into the top end of the pencil with enough “extra” so that it could be refreshed by sharpening as needed.

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Soon after the patent was granted, Mr. Lipman sold his patent for $100,000.00. That was quite a sum of money in those days. Selling it turned out to be a smart decision, because in 1875 the United States Supreme Court ironically “erased” the patent, saying that simply combining two things that already exist isn’t enough to qualify for a patent.

The eraser was made from “India rubber” designed to be used as an eraser. Explore more in our post about National Rubber Eraser Day.

Image shows a desk with a laptop. The laptop is showing a close up of the end of a pencil with the metal band holding the eraser. The text reads: FUN FACT, the metal band that secures an eraser is called a pencil ferrule.

In the early 1900s, the metal band that we are now accustomed to seeing secure the eraser began to emerge. The metal piece is a Pencil Ferrule. The ferrule has become an essential part of pencil construction.

How to Celebrate National Pencil Day

The most obvious National Pencil Day Activity is to use a pencil for all your work today! Another way to honor this tool would be to recognize that pencils are not only a tool for writing but a tool for art.

The gradual change from light to dark is created by shading. You can create a unique piece of art of your own by creating light and dark areas with just a pencil.

In honor of Pencil Day Download this FREE Pencil Value worksheet!

TIP: This activity works best with a #2 pencil and not mechanical pencils.

Another fun activity for today is learning about how pencils were made with this pencil day shape book activity.

There are video links about the pencil, including the truth behind pencil “lead”

Patterns for the color and color your own pencil shape book

Fun pencil toppers to make and give to friends and family for Pencil Day!

Can’t celebrate this year – Mark your calendar & save this holiday for next year!

You can also pin the image below to your Pinterest boards to save this fantastic holiday!

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