Ways to stay organized while homeschooling through the holidays

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the BIG THREE as far as holidays are concerned. Three major holidays in 3 months can add a lot of “stuff” to your homeschool. Let’s not forget ringing in the New Year as another potentially stress-inducing event. It’s so important to stay organized during this busy time of the year!

Bins of decorations, seasonal clothing, and even new toys and games are just some of the STUFF you need to make room for. Do you break out the “good dishes” for family gatherings this time of year? 

Along with all the physical goodies, there are also extra activities! 

To help you avoid some of the overwhelm of all this “extra” here are some of my favorite ways to stay organized during the busy holiday season. 

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Clothing Swap

Before the weather changes, I like to prepare the kids’ clothes/toys as well as my own. Swap out summer for winter (or winter for summer!) clothing. I box up the clothing that fits and donate the items that do not, or will not fit next year. to stay organized, I put the box of items I’m saving in the garage. I also put toys away that won’t be used. Outdoor pool toys can make room for snow sleds, for example. 

A favorite organization hack I use is to put a decorative bin or basket by the door with scarves, hats, and gloves. Your summer bin may contain hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses! Everything is handy when you are leaving, and it’s convenient to drop items back into the bin when you get home! 

 These seasonal swaps take about an hour to complete but will save you at least twice that much time in energy and efficiency.  Remember to repeat the process each season. 

Decor Swap

Our living areas are decorated with our day-to-day items. Vases, picture frames, and knick-nacks are already displayed. Rather than ADD to the decorations, I like to SWAP THEM. I clear off the fireplace mantle and store the “regular” decor so I have a nice surface for my haunted village, pumpkin collection, and pine garland and stockings!

To stay organized the regular items can be stored in their own box until the BIG THREE are over.  By replacing rather than adding, your decor will look intentional. Do this for throw pillows, hand towels, rugs, and more.

Conduct a Craft Supply Refresh

Before the rush of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas begin give your craft supplies a little refresher. 

Sort like items, toss dried paint and glue, and add any holiday specific items you think the kids will enjoy. This can be patterned paper, stickers, or foam shapes. 

If you don’t already, I recommend keeping the craft supplies close for the next few months for your planned and spontaneous activities. 

Mark your Calendar

Staying organized can be easy, especially when you add events to your calendar as soon as you commit to them. It’s important to keep the calendar updated with days off, appointments, and field trips.. I like having a family wall calendar so everyone can clearly see what’s going on for the month. 

If you are going to weave in any memorable Holiday of the Day activities like Statue of Liberty Dedication Day in October – Origami Day in November or everyone’s family favorite, Fruitcake Day in December and Fruitcake Toss Day in January, it’s a good idea to add them to this calendar too! 

Use this adorable paper plate craft to Celebrate Statue of Liberty Dedication Day – October 28th
The easiest form of origami is a fortune teller. Grab this set for Origami Day in November or for any holiday!
The whole family will love this set of activities to celebrate National Fruitcake Day in December and Toss Your Fruitcake day in January!

Use the Book Basket

Whenever we studied a particular topic, I put the books we had in our home library in the “Book Basket” so they were readily available for the kids to explore.

This concept is perfect for any holiday books you may have. Gather all of them and put them in the basket. This way you are not hunting for books at the last minute. 

Your kids can explore the books in the morning, during a break at lunch or at the end of the day.

I even put a small book basket on the end of each child’s bed for naptime! 

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Taking the steps to get everything in order ahead of time can help you avoid unnecessary stress and have time for the memory-making fun.

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Once you implement some of these ideas, you’ll transform your holiday homeschooling in no time. Don’t worry about what month you are in, begin now. Tuck the other ideas away for next year and enjoy the memory-making right where you are. Thank you for inviting Happy Hive Homeschooling into your Happy Hive!

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I hope these ideas have inspired you to set aside the necessary time to organize your homeschool and enjoy the traditions of the holiday season. To help you implement the plan smoothly and have activities ready, grab this Homeschooling through the Holidays Activity Pack.