5 easy activities for a “bad” homeschool day

What happens when your kids don’t like school? There is more fussing and fighting going on than actual schoolwork. You may need to take a few steps back and do a homeschool reset, or you may need to go WAY back and embark on a Homeschool Decompression.  But it could be just a *bad homeschool day*. We all have them, from mom to baby. In that case, these five little to no prep activities may be the answer! 

Reset when having a bad day

A rough patch in your homeschool day can be overcome fairly easily. Stop schooling. No one is learning while, fussing, crying, or being a little naughty. The thing is, you don’t want them on screens all day – that may be more of a reward. Bedtime is still hours away. How do you keep uninterested kids interested?

Here are some no-fuss activities perfect to help you reset a day gone wrong. These activities are for you, and your kids to have a little fun and take an emotional break.

Reset your bad homeschool day with play dough

Kids of all ages, even teens and adults can benefit from some creative time with play dough. Squishing and molding the dough is a perfect way to relieve stress and tap into creativity. Playdough is a great way for you to spend time and deepen your relationship with your kids.

If you want to guide the direction of play dough use our Dough Mats are the perfect option. This set contains the alphabet, numbers and shapes. This set of Dough Mats also comes with a simple, non-toxic, recipe for making your own play dough.

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Try painting in this unique way

Painting with brushes is one way to accomplish a reset of your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, homeschool day. But why use a brush when you can paint with *found* objects.

Paint with a stick from the yard. Turn that pencil upside down and paint with the eraser. Cotton swabs and cotton balls are always a hit. Finger painting is a fan favorite. Set the rules if you allow paint mixing or like the kids to keep colors clean.

Reset your bad homeschool day with A Dance Party

or another brain break!

Simply put, a brain break is a 3 – 5 minute mental break in between tasks so kids have a chance to reset and refocus before moving on. When you sense a meltdown coming on, you may be able to nip it in the bud with a DANCE PARTY! Physical brain breaks like dancing are popular, but mental brain breaks like playing with Legos or pattern blocks are great too!  Brain Breaks may avoid the shift into a bad day completely, or they can be your activities when you decide to stop schooling for the day.

reading together is always a good choice

It’s easy to put an end to the struggle when YOU do what the kids think is *work*. Grab a good book (it might be your family reading book or it can be a new book) and sit together on the couch and read. If you have 3 or more kids set a timer and rotate where they sit so everyone gets 2 opportunities to sit with mom. Once on her left, then again on her right.

Novels work well for this, but as an alternative, you can have each child pick their favorite book and you can read 1 story each.

Poke Art can keep kids busy for hours!

Push Pin Poke Art is a homeschool and classroom favorite. They used it in the 17th and 18th centuries as a way for girls to pass the time. Sometimes called pinprick pictures, the designs were created on watercolor paper and embellished with watercolor paint for effect. The picture was painted first, then poked from behind with needles of different sizes to produce the desired effects. 

Alternatively, a picture may have been sketched on the *back* of a page and then poked.

You can use Push Pin Poke Art with your preschool, elementary, and even middle or high school-aged children as an art project that develops fine motor skills, encourages attention to detail, improves pencil grip and so much more. 

You can learn more about poke art in this post: EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR USING PUSH PIN POKE ART

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Perhaps everyone has a little Homeschool Burnout

Balancing life as both mom and teacher isn’t always easy and you can’t exactly call in and get a substitute can you? You don’t even get a snow day! 

The burnout feeling, regardless of WHEN you are feeling it, tells you to make an adjustment, and make it quick. 

Homeschool burnout and feeling overwhelmed are mindsets. I have 3 tips for dealing with homeschool burnout in THIS POST.

Whatever you choose, don’t let a bad day get out of control, and don’t let it mean you have to put the kids back in school. Hopefully, between these activities and some time for yourself, you’ll be back in the saddle in no time.

Take time to reset, avoid burnout or do a full decompression if you need to. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your decision to homeschool THIS POST has 8 things that can help.

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