Oreo Cookie Bundle




Plan an epic Oreo Cookie Event with BOTH Homeschool Holiday Oreo cookie Activities:

Oreo Cookie Stacking Challenge and Oreo Cookie Taste Test. When you buy these together you SAVE and You’ll get the BONUS file: Oreo Cookie Flavor Bingo!

With the Oreo Cookie Taste Test you only need 5 different flavors. Use the left Overs to complete the STACKING challenge next!

Here is what’s included in the Taste Test:

  • Instructions for implementation
  • Sample Family Letter 2 Versions
  • Taste Test Recording Sheet
  • Tally Mark Recording Sheets (2 different)
  • Picture Graph Poster Color (8.5 x 11)
  • Picture Graph poster Grey Scale (8.5 x 11)
  • Picture Graph Student Size Mini Posters – 4 per page
  • Picture Graph Student Worksheet
  • Images for students to create cookie picture graphs
  • Award for Most Accurate Cookie Tester


For the STACKING challenge kids can work individually or in teams!

Each learner (or team)  needs approximately 30 cookies, I have students bring in their own package. It is important they bring the same kind of cookie to control the variables. This is covered in the provided sample letter. I also ask for a gallon sized bag to use for returning the cookies at the end of the activity. It is a good idea to have extras on hand so everyone is able to participate. (And you have fresh cookies should you decide to let the students snack on them!)

Participants stack and calculate the Mean, Median and Mode with the data they collect!


Round out the celebration with an Oreo themed game of BINGO! There are 30 different flavors on the cards and mini cookie clip art you can use as bingo markers. If you want, ACTUAL mini Oreo cookies work too!

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