Happy Hive Tried and True Curriculum


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Homeschool Curriculum is not a one size fits all item. You homeschool because you want to be able to customize the education to the needs of your children. BUT IT”S SCARY sometimes. What do actual other “more experienced” homeschool families do? Sometimes just taking a look at what someone else has done brings a level of comfort onto the playing field.

The Happy Hive Tried and True Curriculum printable is simply a handy guide I used with clients. It outlines the 6 major homeschool methods you likely read about in THIS POST.

It also gives you a play by play, subject by subject list of books I used over the 15 years I homeschooled my 3 children, provided families with educational consulting and ran a successful private school satellite program in California.

This printable is for informational purposes only and is not the pathway to Harvard or Yale.  All three of my children are alive and well, and graduated High School. They chose to proceed with higher education and are therefore no longer homeschooled – leaving me plenty of time to create holiday of the day resources for you!