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This post : Kid Inventors’ Day is part of our series THE HOMESCHOOLING YEARS and was originally published in 2010.

These original blog posts came with me from my “blogger” days. They were written from the heart, as a way to record the memories in real-time as they were happening. Their intended audience was simply family and close friends. Because they are an ESSENTIAL PART of Happy Hive Homeschool’s evolution, I have chosen to keep them in their original form with minor edits if needed. You may see the post repeated in a more recent more descriptive post as well. I hope you can indulge a mother in her memory keeping!

January 17th was Kid Inventors’ Day… I just mentioned it to the bugs and they had so much fun being creative… they didn’t invent anything new – but inventing is inventing in my book!

I keep a stash of craft items and things ordinary people might consider “trash” on hand for occasions like this. Empty paper tubes of every size: Wrapping paper, paper towels, and toilet paper; tissue boxes, small shipping boxes, empty food boxes like macaroni and cheese size; plastic containers from butter or heat and serve meals; plenty of craft supplies like colored masking tape, duck tape, scotch tape; pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and wiggle eyes – you get the idea. They also have paint, crayons, playdough, etc to use.

The idea of inventing is to solve a problem – I didn’t give much direction so here is what my kids came up with.

pipe cleaner handcuffs
pipe cleaners can be made into anything. In this case, they have become handcuffs for a stuffed animal.

Douglas made handcuffs for my Groundhog. He just used some pipe cleaners. I’m guessing Phil the groundhog has been getting into trouble lately!

girls playing with cardboard crutches
Lauren and Megan used empty paper tubes to make crutches.

Lauren and Megan made crutches – cracked me up!!! Kids always have a fascination with being injured.

We are having so much fun as we celebrate each unique Holiday of the day!

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