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This post: Change of Grade Day 2009 is part of our series THE HOMESCHOOLING YEARS and was originally published in 2009. The “Change of Grade Day” is what we affectionately call the first day of school. Because we school all year, we don’t promote to the next grade when “summer vacation” begins.

These original blog posts came with me from my “blogger” days. They were written from the heart, as a way to record the memories in real-time as they were happening. Their intended audience was simply family and close friends. Because they are an ESSENTIAL PART of Happy Hive Homeschool’s evolution, I have chosen to keep them in their original form with minor edits if needed. You may see the post repeated in a more recent more descriptive post as well. I hope you can indulge a mother in her memory keeping!

Happy Change of Grade Day!

Happy Labor Day everyone! Today is the Change of Grade Day 2009 here at the Gandara Bug Academy. Before you go getting all hot and bothered about today being a holiday and all… we decided to celebrate our first day of school on a day Daddy could join us – and Daddy has today off because of the holiday – making it a perfect first day of school!  

Special Breakfast for the First Day of School

You can only find Alphabits for a short window of time leading up to the beginning of school so I like to take advantage of that fact and have them on hand for the first day!

girl in pajamas holding a cereal letter m
M for Megan
Girl in pajamas holding cereal letter L
L for Lauren
Boy holding cereal letter D
D for Douglas
Brown Cow Stuffed Animal sitting. It appears the cow has used the cereal to spell c-o-w
Even Bulloney got into the spelling action this morning. Pretty smart C-O-W don’t you think?

The Back to School Fairy Delivers gifts!

After Breakfast I sent the bugs to shower and get dressed… While they got ready the “Back to School Fairy” paid them a visit… well apparently there is no room in the world for a school supply fairy – because Lauren informed me she knows I get them all their school supplies lol. The highlight was new backpacks this year… everyone got their favorite!

Checking out everything that was inside the backpacks was fun.

After we got our supplies settled, it was time to “walk to school”. Other kids get to walk to school, and it’s a perfect opportunity to get outside for a few minutes. We typically just go around the block, pick up the mail from the previous day, then go home and get our day started. Today, because it’s Change of Grade day we are loading into the “bus” for a Field Trip! (if you look closely you can see Daddy waiting by the truck for us to return from our walk!)

We went to a local nature center to hike and explore. We were fortunate that, although it was a holiday, they were running a program for kids and had extra opportunities for exploration.

Taking a picture

I’m so excited to document our homeschooling journey! Because I’m busy, I don’t know when I’ll actually get these pictures into scrapbooks, so to help, I’m having the kids hold up their fingers to show what grade they are in!

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