Quotes for Copywork Pumpkin Pie Themed


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Using Quotes for Copywork, pumpkin Pie-themed is a fantastic way to celebrate Pumpkin pie day, November 21st or National Pumpkin Pie Day, December 25th.

There is no wrong way to use copywork, this is simply how I used it in my home (and classroom). Feel free to adapt to your needs!

Learner reads the quote or passage aloud or the passage is read to them.
Learner traces over the passage. I imagine they are saying the words as they write them 🙂
Learner copies the passage onto the paper, working as neatly as they are able. For the youngest of learners tracing may be enough.
The teacher should be mindful of age, ability, and any learning challenges such as pencil grip, dysgraphia, or other possible processing differences. Look for areas to praise and display the finished work!
If you would like to read more about copywork, feel free to Read THIS POST, Why Copywork is essential in my homeschool curriculum.

The 7 quotes relating to Pumpkin Pie in this set of copywork come in 3 styles: TRACE, Print, and Cursive so you can choose what works best for the students you are working with. 

This print-and-go set of Pumpkin Pie quotes can be completed all in one day, or over 7 days, by using one quote a day. Students are able to enjoy the benefits of copywork, practice handwriting, and enrich their grammar and spelling skills.  You’ll save time by not having to research and weed through quote after quote yourself, everything you need is here! 


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Homeschool Holiday resources are designed by a credentialed teacher and packed with learning opportunities – after all, our major guiding principle is “everything is learning”. We reference the major academic terms and overarching concepts addressed rather than specific standards. You are the expert in your field and know what standards you need to meet, and how best to accomplish that for your learners. Our goal is to save you time by giving you resources you can use to give your learners a quality education built on strong relationships, accurate academic resources, and enriching experiences. 










Homeschool Holiday recognizes the deep love you have for those in your home and classroom, yourself included. Our products are designed to foster that love and your commitment to a quality education built on strong relationships, accurate academic resources, and enriching experiences. 


With Homeschool Holiday – there is always something to Celebrate!


– Christy,  AKA Mrs. Crabtree, and the Homeschool Holiday Team


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