Copywork Quotes – Juneteenth



This packet is designed to provide you with a quality copywork products in 3 different styles:

Trace Over



The quotes are from the website – I have given credit when they have given credit. My goal in providing you with this copywork is to share the mission of the holiday, Junteenth and the good work of This copywork is free, and I encourage you to have family and friends visit for their copy.

At the end of the packet there is a page with a QR Code that takes you to a video of artwork by the cartoonist, children’s book illustrator, author, teacher and activist Tom Feelings. His work – The Middle Passage, uses pictures to capture the essence of Juneteenth. So much of the the written documentation was written from a viewpoint that may not have accurately described reality, Mr. Feelings attempted to do just that with his artwork. Mr. Feelings wanted us to have a POSITIVE connection with one another as humans, I hope this copywork activity inspires that in his memory and in the memory of all those who lost their lives on the Middle Passage and through the injustice of slavery.

I have grouped the copywork pages by style, so you only print what you need.


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Enjoy your journey!

– Mrs. Crabtree