US States and Capitals with NBA teams


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Learning the states and capitals has never been so engaging. With our Map the NBA activity your basketball fan can combine their love of basketball pastime with US map skills!

You can also use it to CELEBRATE Basketball day! Basketball Day is November 6th, James Naismith’s birthday. Naismith invented basketball to be played inside during the winter. The first basketball game was played with a basket and a soccer ball.

Prefer BASEBALL? Get the same product Using MLB teams HERE

What you get:

  • Link to a video with an introduction to Basketball

This video gets the lesson started. It is designed to help those who may not be as familiar with the sport excited about the project, and those already familiar will enjoy the refresher!

  • Link to A Map of the States and Capitals
  • Links to reference maps with locations of each team in the NBA

Learners first map the state names, capitals, and then they add the NBA team names color-coding them according to the 2 divisions.

A great resource for Mapping the NBA teams without going all over the internet is actually Wikipedia. On their page for the National Basketball Association, under the heading TEAMS is the perfect resource.

I have included this map, as it is in the public domain with a QR code you can print for learners to reference if desired, or simply hang it in a central location for them to scan and use.

I hope this product brings a bit of CELEBRATION into your study of the states and capitals!

Mrs. Crabtree