The Cinnamon Bear Radio Show Listening Links & Coloring Book


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The Cinnamon Bear Radio Program is an old radio show that chronicles the adventures of Paddy O’Cinnamon and his friends Jimmy & Judy! Before there were audiobooks, families gathered around the radio and listened to their heroes each week!

The Cinnamon Bear is certainly one of those heroes! I invite you to Homeschool through the Holidays with the Cinnamon Bear.

Each of the 26 episodes is designed to be listened to between Thanksgiving and Christmas eve. They are about 15 minutes each.

I have compiled a set of LISTENING LINKS for you in GOOGLE SLIDES/DRIVE organized so you click one each day.

These episodes are a favorite among homeschoolers, however, I even used them in my classroom and โ€œdoubled upโ€ as needed to make up for weekends and when we were on break.

The coloring pages are a perfect way to keep busy hands focused while listening to each exciting episode. There are 40 different pages to color in all! Each is labeled with the coordinating episode so it’s easy to stay organized during the busy holiday season.


Classroom teachers can simply calculate for how many episodes to use each day to get you to your winter break!

If you need more *academically* focused activities for this time of year you can easily complete Charlotte Mason style narrations for each episode as well as discuss character traits, kindness and make predictions.ย  Use the backside of the coloring sheets for such writing activities.


I hope you will make THE CINNAMON BEAR part of your holiday traditions!