Jester Hat Craft


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This craft is designed to complement your celebration of

Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday You can use it anytime by customizing the colors in the color your own option!

There are instructions with pictures for assembling the hat. I recommend copying the elements on colored paper, or using the patterns as templates and cutting from colored paper depending on the ages of the learners you are working with.

You can also print on white paper and learners can color to decorate the hat. Adding stickers, gems, etc and even painting the hat would be fun.

It is always best to have a sample on hand for learners to see as well as to work on a hat along with the learners step by step.

Many your Lenten Journey be Blessed!

Mrs. Crabtree

NOTE: Mardi Gras is celebrated in either February or March depending on the date of Easter in the same year.