History of the Hamburger



You might think you know all about the history of the hamburger. It’s common to think they came from Hamburg, Germany after all. But like most things there is more to the story! Exploring the origin of the hamburger is a great activity for National Hamburger day, May 28th. We have everything you need to dive deep into the history!


You will explore a 20 slide google presentation, or you can use the Homeschool Holiday teaching video in which Mrs. Crabtree guides you through the presentation. Adding all the necessary background information!

There are timeline activities to complete and even a wall sized timeline to decorate your home or classroom. You might be surprised to find out the order each restaurant was founded!

This activity pairs perfectly with our End of the School year craft. It’s a giant hamburger we affectionally titled: How our Year stacked up. This resource comes with prompts for student reflection, and a BLANK hamburger learners can write whatever you wish – FACTS about the History of the hamburger for example! These two products go together like a burger and cheese!

After learning about the history of the hamburger, be sure to have what you need on hand to make them for dinner. You’ll be craving them!